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Our story

The idea behind Smartbills is born a few years ago. Our founder, Sébastien, had just finished his meal at a restaurant and asked for his receipt. As usual, the waiter needed to back and print the receipt. While waiting, Sebastien noticed that customers were throwing away their receipt on the way out and that he would probably do the same in a few seconds… At that moment, he realized just how useless is the current receipt. He couldn’t believe that the receipts were printed from a computer, only to end up in the trash a few moment later. Since that day, he’s been working hard with the help of his team to build a standard in digital receipt.

Sébastien LabineSébastien LabineChief executing officer & Founder
Sébastien LabineSébastien LabineChief Strategic Officer
Alexandre Laurin-LanctôtAlexandre Laurin-LanctôtChief Sales Officer
Sophie Baillargeon-LaporteSophie Baillargeon-LaporteSoftware developer
Marc LabineMarc LabineAdvisor